Safe Palms 24 Alcohol-Free BZK

Made in USA

Type: Liquid 


Decription: Advanced Hand Sanitizer Lasts through 10 hand washes KILLS 99.9 OF ILLNESS CAUSING GERMS and lasts through 10 hand washes Moisturizes skin Fragrance-free hypoallergenic Safe Palm's effectiveness and safety has been verified by ISO and ASTM standards, and clinically tested by independent registered laboratories. SafePalms stands for safety, quality, and consistency. We strive to be the brand your families and businesses can trust for all of your disinfectant needs – from formulating our products with only the highest quality ingredients to obtaining all legal certifications and overseeing production in the United States. You can rely on us to craft products that are natural and safe, yet powerfully disinfecting.


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Safe Palms 24 - Alcohol-Free BZK

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