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Thomasville Schools hire firm to help with COVID-19 protocols for reopening

Thomasville City Schools has hired a management firm to test its facilities and to implement hygiene programs in anticipation of the reopening of school under COVID-19 restrictions.

Thomasville City Schools entered into a contract with SRS, Inc of Greensboro to help reopen district.

As part of the contract, SRS have cleaned, sanitized and disinfected all schools and buildings. The company will also provide temperature checking and contract tracing stations, as well as, hand sanitizing and disinfecting stations for each building. They will also provide COVID-19 online safety classes for all employees.

Thomasville City Schools will open on Aug. 17 with remote learning. According to Dr. Catherine Gentry, superintendent of Thomasville City Schools, on Sept. 7 the school board will review data and make a decision about continuing with remote learning or phasing in-class learning.

Eric Johannesen, director of construction/maintenance of Thomasville City Schools, said the district decided to enter into a contract with SRS to help pave the way for a safer reopening of schools by bringing in cutting edge bio-security and bio safety protocols which have been developed by top virologists.

“SRS has an impressive track record of world-class environmental covid management coupled with decades of successful project management,” Johannesen said. “We picked SRS because they are uniquely poised to provide premier “single source’ Covid-19 building testing and bio-security management services. This is what all school districts across America are looking for now.”

James Covington , senior vice president of SRS, said the company’s rapid COVID-19 testing and safety protocols, which was developed by Dr. Lane Rolling, MD, have been met with enthusiasm by a variety of industries.

“SRS is frankly the only firm in this country and globally that is able to deliver a “single source solution” to this pandemic for school districts struggling to deal with Covid-19 liablity and reopening issues,” Covington said.  “Schools, universities, large real estate firms and churches have come onto the radar of SRS because of our proven track record in disaster management with Federal and state agencies. Named one of the fastest growing companies in America in recent years, SRS remains a coronavirus industry pioneer and innovator.”

Johannesen said Thomasville City Schools is excited to begin this partnership with SRS to provide a safe environment for students once they return to the classroom.

“Dr. Rolling’s deep Covid-19 experience, international biological research and knowledge of virology is a valued asset to the Thomasville school district,” Johannesen said. “We are excited to have Dr. Rolling with the SRS testing team testing our school buildings today and receiving our official “3-star Covid-tested and Secure” seal,”. SRS is focused on saving lives of students, faculty, parents and the larger community. Their new Covid-19 facility testing is helping schools find the safest pathway forward for our students in North Carolina.”

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