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Disaster Recovery


  • Maintenance and Deactivation of Temporary Housing

  • Quality Control, Inspections, Pluming Repair, HVAC Repair, Cleaning, etc.

  • Hauling And Installing of Temporary Housing

  • Formosan Termite Pest Control Services (Inspection/Treatment)

  • Lease-In and Lease-Out Services

  • Group Site Set-Up, Repositions, Relocations and Replacements

  • Demolition of Temporary Housing

  • 24 hour Call Center

  • Dump Site Management/Coordination

  • Project Management Staffing Services

    • Project Managers

    • Project Engineers

    • Quality Control Monitors/Managers

    • Safety Officers (30 Hour OSHA trained minimum)

    • Schedulers

  • Mass Feeding Services

  • Counseling Services

    • Resilience and Post Traumatic Stress

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